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School Improvement Team (SIT)

All school improvement team meetings are open to the public and parents are welcome to attend.  Parent involvement at these meetings will mirror The Davidson County School Board Public Meeting guidelines for parent and community involvement in the actual meeting.  All meetings begin at 2:45 and end at 4:00.  Meetings are held in the Curriculum Room.  Parents who would like to attend may check in at the office on the day of the meeting.

The school improvement team members are:  Tommy Henley, chair, Renee Adkins co-chair, Bonnie Nicholson, recorder, Jennifer Miller, timekeeper     Members: Bonnie Spratt, Melanie Burrow, Mandi Coppley, Julie Shoaf, Jamie Michael, Tina Barry, Parent Representative, Gail Ward, Lead Teacher, Loryn Morrison, Assistant Principal, and Cheryl Rich, Principal.  

School Improvement Team meeting dates are:
October 1, 
November 5, 
December 3, 
January 7, 
February 4, 
March 3, 
April 7 
May 5.