Helene Neeley- Music


I am excited to start another year teaching music with all the students at Welcome Elementary.  It is hard to believe that I am starting year thirteen with Davidson County school system.  Each year always brings excitement and new challenges.  

I have enjoyed learning music most of my life.  I started to play the piano when I was in elementary school.  I played clarinet when I started band in the fifth grade and was the only 5th grader in the state to make All-District Band.  In the sixth grade, my band director needed an oboe player and that is when my parents purchased my first oboe for me to play.  It was a more challenging instrument for me to learn but with the help of older high school students, I was soon playing in the band with them.  I went on to audition for the All-State band and was principal oboist my Junior and Senior years in High School.

I received my bachelor degree from the University of South Carolina.  With a lot of practice and dedication, I was able to attend on a music scholarship.  While in college, I played clarinet in the marching band and oboe in the University orchestra and Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I still enjoy playing for special occasions at church and in the community. 

Music was a passion for me at a very young age and I want to help my students to develop that same love for music as they attend elementary school.  Music, similar to any other skill takes practice and dedication.  We start with the foundational building blocks and keep building throughout the years, helping children to read, play, sing, compose, move and as well as using listening skills.  We do all this and have fun while learning.