Remote Learning Drop off Packet 1 and Pick up Packet 2 MONDAY, MARCH 30

We will be doing our packet pick up differently this time. It will be a self-serve procedure located in the front of the school. When you pick up work from your grade level or teacher’s box, you may also drop off work for teachers in a separate box for them to review. Again, the location for the self-serve will be located under the awning at the front of the building.

Please take a stapled, paper-clipped, or bagged packet from your child’s teacher’s box or the grade level box and place returned student work in the appropriate box for your child’s grade level. All packets are identical so there will be no names attached. The exception to no names is Kindergarten and Fourth Grade who are sending your child’s math workbooks and other items home in a clear tote. Kindergarten and Fourth Grade parents will need to look for their child’s name on a clear plastic tote in the teacher labeled box to get the correct workbooks.

Parents who need to pick up backpack food or pick up payments intended for class pictures may ring the doorbell and someone will assist you. Please be patient as we will hand these out through the front door. Our building remains closed to visitors and that includes the front bathrooms.

Please be aware that our teachers are not working at school every day, they are working from home most days to meet Governor Cooper’s request for smaller amounts of people in one location. Therefore, the best way to reach a teacher is through Class Dojo or email. Thank you!
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