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Welcome Elementary School

5701 Old Hwy 52 | Lexington, NC 27295 phone Phone: 336-731-3361 phone Fax: 336-731-2799

School Profile

School Statistics

Number of Students enrolled - 598
Total Number of Staff - 72

Licensed Personnel - 47
Non-Licensed Personnel - 25

Updated 9-6-16

After School Care

After school care is provided by the local YMCA on a fee basis for students at our school. Please contact the YMCA if you have any additional questions at 249-2177.  Private daycare facilities are available in the community.
Number of Students by Grade Level

Kindergarten- 89 students
1st Grade-  97 students
2nd Grade- 102 students
3rd Grade- 104 students
4th Grade- 96 students
5th Grade- 96 students
Pre-School -  14 students

Updated 9-6-16



Transportation to and from school is discussed with parents or guardians at the time of enrollment. If you have any questions concerning busing please direct those to our Assistant Principal, Ms. Loryn Morrison.