First Grade » Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

Mrs. Smith's classroom expectations - I have high expectations of each student and their behavior while they

are at school. I will consistently review these expectations with the

children. I expect them to show respect to one another, adults, and

our school property.

Our classroom will use a clip chart to monitor behavior. A clip chart is a

great tool that allows students to be rewarded for positive behaviors,

while discouraging negative behaviors. Each student will have a clip

with his or her name on it. Everyone will start on green at the

beginning of each day, and clips can be moved up and down throughout

the day based on behavior. I have briefly described what happens on

each color.

Pink (super student) - Students who reach pink will be given 4 punches on their reward punch card. 

Purple (great job) - Students are able to move to this level for

continuing to display great behavior.  Students will be given 3 punches on their reward punch card. 

Blue (good choices) - Students are moved to blue for showing that

they are making the right behavior decisions. Students will be given 2 punches on their reward punch card.

Green (ready to learn) - This is the level students start the day on.

This is a good level to end the day on as well. Students will be given 1 punch on their reward punch card.

Yellow (think about it) - Sometimes we need to pause and think about

our actions. This is a warning but no punches are given on their reward punch card. 

Orange (teacher’s choice) - Students who continue to display poor

behavior will move down to this level. Students may be given 5 minutes

silent lunch, walk a lap at recess, or other similar consequence.

Red (parent contact) - Once students are on this level, parents will be

notified via note or phone call. It is possible that a visit to the

Principal’s office might also be in order.